Coralillo Granada Nicaragua - #SoyNica

Expats of Granada, Nicaragua

General Rules for the Expats of Granada Members
The Expats of Granada Nicaragua FaceBook page is for the purpose of expats, potential expats, tourists, and Nicaraguan locals to share knowledge, experiences, resources and a means to communicate with people having interest in the general Granada area and Nicaragua. It is a closed group which requires approval to join.
The general rules are to correspond as adults, use common sense and to remember that all will see what you have written or commented. Comments should pertain to the topic thread though humorous responses are always enjoyed. While we hope to keep censorship at a minimum for meaningful discussions, questions and comments there are a few topics which should be avoided and may be deleted.
· Any harsh criticism of the Nicaragua government, any of its agencies or any government program. Though discussions are welcome including suggestions on how to work with an agency like INSS, immigration, MINSA, police, etc. or sharing your issues on a particular agency such as getting your residency, driver’s license, gun permit, etc. Unless you are a citizen of Nicaragua we are all guests of this beautiful country.
· Personal attacks on other group members will not be tolerated and do not reflect well on the group as a whole.
· Foul or vulgar language to make a point should not be used.
· Viewpoints on personal issues which may be sensitive to other group members should be kept on your own personal FB page as a courtesy to others.
· And of course, any discriminatory remarks based on race, religion, creed or sexual orientation.
We will try to minimize the spammers and people going overboard to advance their business, NGO or services. Not an easy task and very subjective. Fridays are for selling, promoting your product, service or company though stories or articles are always welcome.

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